April 28th, 2009

Little Girl in rain By lj user never_end

How's this for freaky?

You know how I was talking a week or so ago about how sometimes I can see someone dozens of times and not recognize them and other times I instantly memorize their face? And how once I know someone in my memory, I can recognize them instantly when I see them again, even if I don't place the name right away? Well something kinda freaky happened just now, something that is very cool: I recognized one of my favorite actresses, one who I hardly ever see in anything anymore, FROM BEHIND. Who, you ask? Sammi Hanratty. Ever see that old Pringles commercial? Yeah, that's who I mean. I recently saw her in the American Girl movie about Chrissa, but that was weeks ago. Today I spotted her in an episode of Charmed, and knew her the second I saw her, even though she was faced *away* from the camera. How's THAT for memorizing someone, eh? Pretty awesome! I'm telling you, I could save a life and/or reunite a family some day, possibly.

A little bird told you...

  • 21:29 @beautifulpyre I'm a Discordian! #
  • 21:59 Just joined a twibe. Visit twibes.com/gasm to join #
  • 22:00 I think Lilla's computer has #swineflu #
  • 22:03 The First Church of Pilsbury Dough Boy, Savior: For He Is Risen! #
  • 22:05 If the Pilsbury Dough Boy wrote a country western song, it would be "I Won't Be Leaven You Behind, Babe." #
  • 22:05 @paper_hand Not sure. Saw it on someone else's Twitter and figured "why not?" #
  • 22:07 RT @paper_hand tinyurl.com/c48uen :D || Me: This is scary and funny and sadly true. #
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