April 7th, 2009


How many licks?


This speaks for itself: http://www.hoodthong.com/

FASCINATING VIDEO: Six areas of exploration to make publishing better. Very good video about seeking out innovations during recessions to improve the economy.

Wanna find really bizarre porn? Go here. (Most of it is cartoon stuff.) Need I say it's NSFW?

ATM users: be on the lookout for card skimmers!

Prepare for a laugh: sumrandomnutt gets chased by a manic 10-year-old girl who is clearly just very hungry! XD I laughed like a maniac after reading this!

Wikipedia is deleting ALL articles on Contemporary Gnosticism due to some BS reason of "all resources" about it being "unreliable." And, as that page says, "Given that Gnosticism straddles esoteric Christianity, Paganism, Jungian thought and even Buddhism, what chance does Asatru or Druidry or Hellenismos have of maintaining a presence on Wikipedia when their populations are so much smaller and the level of academic interest is marginal".