April 6th, 2009

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Sonic Wall

The other day at Panera I discovered that they use a Sonic Wall filter and that Sonic Wall was blocking my website (not this LJ) because it falls under their "occult" category. I was highly annoyed and still am! It's discrimination against people who don't belong to one of the Big Three (Christianity, Judaism, Islam). So I sent my site in for review with them, suggesting it be put in the category of Religion. What I got, instead, was them reclassifying it as blocked due to adult content (there's a, um... interesting picture... on the splash page that I had forgotten about). At least now it's blocked for a reason I can accept now. :-)

Kit Kittredge: An American Girl

I just watched Kit Kittredge: An American Girl movie last night. Starring the wonderful child actress Abigail Breslin, it's about The Great Depression and how it affected people. Kit's father loses his automobile dealership and he goes off to Chicago to find work while his family takes in boarders to try to stay afloat. A crime spree hits the country, blamed on "hobos," and two of Kit's hobo friends get framed for some of the crimes. Kit, who aspires to be a reporter, is determined to clear them and find the real thieves.

I think people should watch this even though it's a family movie. It is just as important today, especially with the look at the "hobo" (today "homeless") perspective. Kit does an article about how the hobos help each other out, a really moving piece that she tries to get published at the Cincinatti Register. The editor doesn't want to publish it at first because the public is feeling very anti-hobo.

All around, this is an excellent movie. It does a wonderful job of telling the story without being cutesy or sappy. I give this movie two thumbs up!