March 18th, 2009



Earlier today I hit my right knee on one of the tables at the library. It still hurts like hell, but only when I put pressure on my leg while it's bent. Hasn't gotten any better. Makes getting up and sitting back down, even to/from the toilet, a real bitch.
Dakota F. says eh?

Strange experience

I just had a strange experience. I was reading my friendslist when I heard a YIM "pop" noise, which was odd considering I didn't have YIM (Yahoo Instant Messenger) up at the time. After some confused looking 'round, I figured out it was my email. They had added a chat window to Yahoo! Mail and kengr was trying to chat with me. I said something back, basically my WTF face at this new feature. But I thought it was neat. Then I deleted an email and when the screen reloaded, no more chat windown in my mail. I have not yet figured out how to bring it back. I even tried upgrading to their newest version of the interface, which Lilla uses, and it wasn't there. I also wasn't impressed by it, so I switched back (the "move" pull-down menu, which I use CONSTANTLY, was agonizingly slow, for one thing, and didn't allow the scroll-wheel scrolling like it does on Classic View).

Anyone know how to get the chat window/YIM thingy into my Yahoo! Mail again?