March 16th, 2009

Adorable Evil

Potpourri gigio!


ysabetwordsmith has written a hilarious poem about the role of missing socks in the universe. :-)

This has got to be the strangest premise for a zombie movie ever. Made by - who else? - the Japanese.

This will tell you what would happen to the world if humans suddenly went extinct.

A mutant's guide to sexuality. Thanks to kengr for sending me this link!

"Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo" put in a new light (definition of "wherefore") will tell you the gender of the writer of a website or blog. It said my LJ was written by a woman, of course!

Wolfram Alpha is coming, and it may be as important as Google.
Avatar dino

Good news, bad news

Whenever I'm over at kengr's place, she often does this thing of "Good news, bad news," a sort of game, and it usually is based out of some fandom. I'll give you an example, one I thought of myself:

Good news: The man who killed a dear friend of yours has been arrested for your friend's murder.

Bad news: His lawyer works for Wolfram & Hart.

Your turn, if you want to play!