March 6th, 2009

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The following was written 03/02/2009 starting at 9:50 PM:

Lilla wanted me to go to Panera to meet her there so we could go to this pagan store, which sounded cool. I was halfway to the Panera when she called me and said she was too tired. I was a little annoyed but on an annoyance scale of 1 to 10 (one being a sigh or eyeroll and 10 being “I want to rip other people’s hair out because I’ve run out of my own hair to pull out”) it was maybe 1.75. Since I was out anyway, I decided to backtrack and go to FredMeyer’s to do some writing. I got here, and I’ve been here for hours, and haven’t gotten anything done. No internet connection either. How have I occupied myself since giving up on my creative constipation? I’ve been writing letters. Like a very long letter to a new friend I made Sunday at a Christo-Pagan meet-up I went to with Lilla. I don’t normally go to those meet-ups because I just end up listening to everyone else and not contributing (I can never get a word in edgewise), but I went anyway this time, and I’m glad I did. There was this new member there named Lorrie, and it was just her, Lilla, and me until later when “Sarah Cat” showed up (and she didn’t contribute much; she looked absolutely exhausted).

Well, Lorrie and me hit it off right away. Okay, well, I listened for a while and then we got to talking, but still. Anyway, I usually have a hard time opening up with new people, but not this time. I think it’s because we have one major thing in common: we’re both really shy. Sounds odd, but there we are all the same. We discussed religion and spirituality, cryptography, the Voynich manuscript, and various television shows. I also told her about my constructed language Trai’Pahg’Nan’Nog and the phonetic alphabet I came up with for it, which she seemed impressed by. :-) And we traded email addresses and Facebook info; she friended me on Facebook and I confirmed it.

Well now, I’m actually looking forward to the next meet-up. I think I’ll go to those more often. :-D

Well, this laptop is almost fully charged again. As soon as that happens, I’m going to go get a couple things at the store here and leave. There’s still an hour before close, but I’m getting hungry and my inspiration skipped class today. :-D

Oh, one thing I should mention. I felt very youthful today, and so I am wearing not my usual two ponytails (“pigtails”) but three of them, which I really like. That, and the only pieces of clothing I’m wearing that aren’t pink is my shoes and my panties. :-D And I’ve got on those bracelets I made from those kits months ago, one with clear-but-colored plastic beads, the other with painted wooden beads. Little girl chic!

Also, yesterday I was feeling especially energetic at Freddy’s, skipping around every now and then. But then Lilla and I both bought more than we could carry (we should have stopped at home first to get the cart thingy or the reusable bags) and had a lot of trouble getting home. Among the things we were trying to lug was Lilla’s new coffee maker. The whole load was awkward, heavy, and we had forgotten to double-bag. Things kept dropping out of the bags, the bags kept tearing and spilling their contents. A jar of kalamata olives I was lusting after broke on the pavement, pissing me off. Finally, so much stuff was falling out that we just set everything on the ground and she went on ahead to get our nifty cart thingy and I carted it all back in that thing the last 5 blocks.

Gods, her new coffee maker, I love it! It is so much simpler to use than her old one. Using the old one was like trying to program the VCR while blindfolded and using only a toothpick held in your teeth while a hundred toddlers run around screaming and breaking all your stuff. The new one is just A) Put coffee here. B) Put water here. C) Press the on button. Ah, sweet simplicity.

Well, now I can add to my hunger an intense need to urinate. Meh, it’s at 98%. Good enough. Off I go!

Uh huh, sure. Whatever.

I was just reading this page, which is "5 ways your brain is messing with your mind" and number 5 is "change blindness." I've heard of this before, it's "your inability to notice changes that happen right in front of you, even if they're hugely obvious... as long as you don't see the actual change take place." The problem is, I don't believe in it. Take this for example:

Consider Alfonso Ribeiro. (Played Carlton on Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire)
Now, if suddenly that image of Carlton blinked and changed to a different image, you'd notice it. The change would draw your eye. But if you got up and left your computer, then came back and found the image had changed, odds are you almost certainly would not notice, even if you were only gone for seconds. Science has proven it.

In fact, if the entire text of this article--and the whole color and layout of this website--changed while you were gone, you probably wouldn't notice. We could switch it to a wallpaper of dicks. You might not believe it but, as you're about to see below, the experiments they've done on this get truly bizarre.

A scientist named George McConkie started working on this in the 70s. He'd introduce changes in words and text right on the page that someone was reading. By tracking the movement of their eyes, he was able to change the text right in front of their damned faces without people noticing.


What's truly amazing is just how often your brain isn't paying attention. Scientists decided to take the idea to a ridiculous extreme. They ran experiments where they'd have a guy manning the counter at an office serving students, while another guy was hidden below the counter. A student would walk up and request a form, and the guy would say sure and duck down behind the counter to get it.

But then second guy, the one who had been hiding, would pop up and say, "ah, here it is." This second guy would look completely different, and would be wearing completely different colored clothing, and most of the students would not freaking notice it was a different guy than the one they had been talking to five seconds ago.


Far creepier is the bit magician Derren Brown does where he'll approach a stranger on the street, ask for directions, and in mid-sentence have somebody walk past carrying a large object. While the object is disrupting the view for half a second, he'll swap out another guy who looks and sounds nothing like him--and the stranger will carry on the conversation with the second man as if nothing had happened.

Me finally:

Okay, now this is why I don't believe it. If most humans are THAT oblivious, then I must not be human even genetically. I must be some strange mutant. No one could pull a stunt like that on me. I think on so many levels that at least one of them would catch what the others might miss. But most important, my brain is constantly seeking out new data, it pays attention to pretty much everything. So if most humans are that oblivious, I am not like most people.

Also, to say I have a photographic memory for places would be understating things. My spacial memory could be used in CGI work.