February 21st, 2009



lillakat was telling me she hopes to someday have a voluntary histerectomy because having her tubes tied is not 100% insurance against getting pregnant. I told her that yeah, if she got pregnant after that, that they'd have to put her name down with Mary... or on a tabloid somewhere: "Miracle woman gets pregnant in her colon"
Lilla said that'd be just as much a miracle as *me* having a baby. I said I could just see it: "Oh, I've felt pretty horrible for the last nine months. I have to take a shit." Sitting down on the toilet, give a push, and "oh my god, that sounded like a huge one! *looks at it* HOLY SHIT, AN UMBILICAL CORD!"

She was laughing like a pteradactyl for 5 whole minutes!
moonphase anger


My Cosmo icon keeps coming up as someone else's icon, as a picture of the guy who played Aries, God of War in the Hercules and Xena TV shows. It's very annoying. When is LJ going to fix the glitch that does that?
moonphase anger

What the hell?

On my Apple iBook, surfing the net using Opera. Typing with a USB keyboard kengr loaned to me. Every now and then, when I'm typing fairly fast, I accidentally hit something that makes the Opera window retreat up into this thin little bar that I have to click on to restore the window. Like some kind of upwards minimization, almost. I nearly went ballistic the first time it happened, thinking I'd accidentally quit the program in the middle of typing something (I've done that before, on this iBook, but never before on my desktop PC). But when Opera didn't quit, I figured out what was going on.

Now, what I want to know is what did I hit to make it do that upward-minimizing thing? Because most of the time, Opera doesn't show the top bar with the minimizing button, so if I need to see the Finder or another program, I have to go up and choose "hide Opera." But pressing a single button on the keyboard to get it to hide itself would be pretty awesome and easy.

More annoying things:

1. I don't know whether it's the keyboard itself, or the position I'm in, or what, but I've been misspelling or missing letters in words quite frequently. This is annoying because on my desktop PC I almost never misspell words.

2. Forgetting that this is not a PC. I keep trying to use PC controls and having that fleeting bewilderment of "why didn't that wor-oh yeah, Apple."

3. iJournal is okay. But comparing it to Semagic is like comparing a single leaf of wilted lettuce to a full salad bar.

4. Closing the laptop puts it into sleep mode. This is annoying because my MP3 player is on the fritz, and here I was hoping to use my laptop as an oversized MP3 player. Good thing that was nowhere near the top of my list of reasons for wanting one.

5. Weird net connectivity. Here I am right next door to the source of our wireless internet and sometimes it has real problems finding the connection, flipping between no connectivity and four bars. My desktop doesn't have any problems like that, and it isn't any closer to the wireless router than the laptop is. In fact, it is farther away. Oh, and in Border's the other day, the wifi detector said there was a network available, but the laptop couldn't see it no matter what position it was in. No problem at Panera or the library, though. Usually. The other day at the library, the computer could detect the library network but couldn't connect to it until after I restarted the laptop.

That's it for now. But honestly, I do love this thing. :-) It's great for writing.