January 26th, 2009

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50 Wolves Dead in Alaska -- New Hope to Stop Palin

I got this in an email. Passing it along because the wolf killing needs to stop.

Dear Reader,

As America looks toward a new era of hope and change, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and special interests are working feverishly to expand her out-of-control wolf killing frenzy.

With your compassionate support, Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund can fight Palin’s wolf-killing program and expose her determined efforts that will harm wolves, polar bears, belugas and other imperiled species.

Governor Sarah Palin’s aerial wolf-killing program is on a record deadly pace. Airborne sharpshooters have already gunned down 50 wolves this season.

How far will Sarah Palin go to slaughter wolves?

After state officials ruthlessly killed 14 orphaned wolf pups last year -- each with a bullet to the head -- Palin’s Department of Fish & Game approved an aggressive policy allowing for the killing of wolf mothers and the savage shooting of newborn pups in their dens.

Now Sarah Palin is joining forces with the Alaska Outdoor Council (AOC) and other wealthy hunting lobby groups as they plan their push for legislation to expand the bloody wolf slaughter.

They’ve already committed hundreds of thousands of dollars to expand the state-sponsored aerial wolf slaughter -- even into Alaska’s pristine federal wildlife refuges.

With your generous support, we can save the lives of Alaska’s wolves. Please donate now to support our campaign to end Palin’s senseless slaughter of wolves in Alaska.

With the incredible contributions from caring people like you, we were able to expose Palin’s terrible record on wolves as she took to the national stage in last year’s election -- helping to prevent Sarah Palin from becoming Vice President of the United States.

Now we need your support to end Sarah Palin’s ghastly aerial wolf-killing program.

Defenders Action Fund will forcefully oppose Governor Palin and her Board of Game’s plans to kill wolves to artificially boost game populations for out-of-state trophy hunters and fight the Palin/AOC-supported legislation to gun down even more wolves. We stopped her last year, and with your help, we can defeat her again.

But we’re not stopping there. With a new leadership in Washington, DC comes real hope for wolves. In Congress, we can pass the Protect America’s Wildlife (PAW) Act to end Governor Palin’s aerial wolf slaughter -- and prevent programs like it from spreading to places like the Greater Yellowstone region. We’ll work with the Obama Administration to close the deadly loophole that Palin exploits to kill more wolves.

And we’ll continue to bring the fight nationwide by keeping Palin’s wolf-slaughter program in the national spotlight.

This year, Governor Sarah Palin is aiming to slaughter more than 600 wolves in what could be the bloodiest aerial wolf-killing season ever -- now, with the help of wealthy special interests, she wants to expand the brutal program even more.

We can’t let that happen.

Please donate now to end Sarah Palin’s wolf slaughter. We can only save these wolves with your generous support.


Rodger Schlickeisen
Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund

P.S. As she prepares for a rumored run for the U.S. Senate -- and possibly for president in 2012 -- Sarah Palin will undoubtedly try to stay on the national stage. With your help, we’ll soon launch a new website to spotlight Palin’s brutal wolf-killing record and other anti-wildlife policies. Please support our efforts with a secure online donation or call (800) 425-4632 to donate by phone.

Fay adds her own PS = Or call or write your representatives to tell them you support the wolves and that any actions done to threaten or kill them are immoral and wrong.