January 18th, 2009


Not all who wander are lost

Since I woke up around 7 PM "last night," I decided to stay up as "late" as possible to try to once again reset my sleep schedule back to a vaguely diurnal thingy, for however long that would last this time. So it's noon now, and I feel obliged to recount the interesting day I've had so far.

So about 9, my computer decided it was tired of playing Dr. Who DVDs and refused to respond. I tried force-quitting the program, even tried ending that program's process, all to no avail. I tried restarting, also to no avail. So I manually shut the confuser off. At that point, I started thinking whether or not to turn it back on. Decided I could use some fresh air, so got everything ready and went out.

Got outside, and if not for my bulk, I feel sure I would have become the first human being to fly without use of any mechanical device or even a glider, the wind was so strong. And I thanked my mother for teaching me about dressing warmly for winter, too, because I was not aware we had a glacier nearby, but the temperature of the wind seemed to indicate such.

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