January 8th, 2009


One of my here-to-fore unmentioned interests


Some links about it: http://posthumanblues.blogspot.com/2006/08/live-forever-speakers-debated.html




I find it interesting, but I'm of two minds about it. I think stopping war, stopping murder and violence and learning how to be compassionate and caring beings should be a priority in the evolution of humanity.



Scientists "hear" a mysterious distant boom in space.

Department of Justice to ban all non-canine service animals. What got my attention, though, was this, in bold (my emphasis): "the Department of Justice had proposed a ban on guide miniature horses, service monkeys, and other non-canine assistance animals" Wow! If I ever go blind, I want a service monkey! I'd put a little hat and vest and monkey pants on him, too.

African albinos in danger from "witchcraft" are given cell phones. Goddamn it, Africans! Quit with this witchhunting bullshit already!

British church removes crucifix because it scares the children. I think they should put a Buddy Christ in its place.

Comic lands cartoonist in hot water with coffee makers.

A combined supermarket and church?

Israeli MP says earthquakes are fault of the gays. Oh yeah, that's definitely it! Couldn't possibly be all the wars and bloodshed done in God's name, oh no!

Hello Kitty Train!

Could there be a Stonehenge-like structure under Lake Michigan?

This is weird: A bio-degradable cell phone made of grass!

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