September 21st, 2008


Pun crazy tonight!

I'm working on a constructed language called Jibberesh, which is a funny language using lots of nonsense words I make up. Sometimes they're completely new, other times they're mixtures of English words (like "bagapple"), and other times they are puns. I usually only use the puns when I'm out of ideas for the other kinds of making up words for it, but when I do, I love the results here are some that had me cracking up earlier today:

despise = ahevreeware
detest = eyepassed
sit = yoazdow
sat = onnatak
stand = azyooabel
lay = medowbyridder
lie (as in lie down) = tammybaby
aware = wiminzklofinks
fate = accomplee
fall = otta
fell = motta
fail = peeya
step = onnacrak
break = yomasbak
frown = ubsydow
grin = shideedeng
smile = fotakamra
cane = notabel
able = notcain
lean = spratt
fat = sprattswhy

spring = yayhray
summer = izvareehot
autumn = leevzgobibi
winter = blehsoicky

Others are political commentary:

bother = condirice
bore = gorealay
rubbish = digchainy
trash = dubya
garbage = jyorjbush
hope = brockobam