August 8th, 2008


Browser issues

So Firefox is slower than shit, making me wait literally minutes for it to display the text I type, let alone anything else. And Opera may be fast, but whenever I use it, LiveJournal consistently gives me image problems (specifically, that they aren't loading unless I right-click on them and click the resulting "reload image"). Those same problems occasionally occur on other sites. Brooke is trying to help me, but nothing has worked so far. And IE hasn't worked AT ALL for months. Can't even reinstall the fucking thing, it won't let me. It just sits there doing absolutely nothing for hours. And yet Semagic works fine, and the Net connection is good. So all in all, I am very displeased with the Internet, not for the connection but for the browsers.

Oh, and Semagic can be used as a browser, but only on LiveJournal. It has no URL bar. And I hate Netscape.


Has anyone noticed, yet, that I changed the text on my LJ so that the link that normally reads "click here to comment" now says, "By clicking, you agree that you are incurably weird." and that that "# comments" now reads "# incurable lunatic(s)"? LOL!