August 2nd, 2008

Steph Sleepy

My body is brain-powered

      I swear, my body is only partly nocturnal. The rest of it is brain-powered. Because as long as my brain is active with something interesting or distracting to occupy it, I am awake. When I'm idle with nothing to keep my mind occupied, I get tired. The three biggest reasons for me to go to bed are:

1. I'm bored, and going to bed is the only remaining option.
2. I know that I ought to be going to bed, because I know I need the sleep. (But not from being tired.)
3. I know I have to go to bed at a certain time.

      I very rarely go to bed because I'm tired. However, if I stay up long enough, then when I *do* go to bed, my brain will be in such a state that removing the stimulus from it will make it wind down quickly and facilitate sleeping. But let's just say, for example, that I have not entirely exhausted myself thusly before going to bed. Like last night. I usually stay up till 6 AM or almost 7 AM, and last night I tried going to bed at 2:30 because I had to be up at 8 AM today. Well, I was not sufficiently drained to have sleep come easily. I could not stop thinking! I had a sudden awesome idea for a cipher, that I call a Landfill Cipher (I tried posting about it, and LJ wouldn't display it correctly). When I finally tried to push that line of thought away, I got a very strange idea that I will not discuss here yet because I want to surprise people. It was hilarious, and hard to stop thinking about.
      I finally got desperate around 4:30 AM and worked on my old trick for getting to sleep when my mind doesn't want to: I turn it against itself by consciously making up dreams. I'm good at it... the fake dreams eventually pass, at some point, into real dreams.

      So I figure I only got 3 hours of sleep last night. Yet here I am, 15 and a half hours later, and not the least bit "tired." Though I would not be surprised if I go to bed early tonight. I'm already beginning to feel a little slow; a sure sign of creeping fatigue.

New word:

Occuply - verb. To increase the number of places one occupies at one time, assuming one can multi-locate.* Origin: misspelling that lead to combining "occupy" and "multiply."

* Multi-location is my improvement of the word "bilocation." Bilocation is occupying two different places at once (ie, being at home and at work in the same moment of time). Multi-location is bilocation, but being in any number of other places at once.