July 28th, 2008


Police: Man shot churchgoers over liberal views


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Sounds like a case of down-on-his-luck man blaming someone other than himself for his troubles. Come on, people! Take on the responsibility for your own problems and stop killing other people! I really wish people like this man would just shoot themselves in the head first and save everyone the pain of being attacked by them.

Adkisson was a loner who hates 'blacks, gays and anyone different from him,"

So... he hates every single human being other than himself? Because really, EVERYONE is different from everyone else.

"The couple had been married for almost 10 years when Liza Alexander wrote in requesting the order that Adkisson threatened "to blow my brains out and then blow his own brains out." She told a judge that she was "in fear for my life and what he might do."

Sounds to me someone had already blown his brains out. Blew air into his ear, and his brains got blown out.

Adkisson, a 58-year-old truck driver on the verge of losing his food stamps, had 76 rounds with him when he entered the church and pulled a shotgun from a guitar case during a children's performance of the musical "Annie."

I don't normally support the death penalty, but for this crime I hope he gets THE CHAIR.

Adkisson "stated that he had targeted the church because of its liberal teachings and his belief that all liberals should be killed because they were ruining the country

o_O Liberals running the country? Don't I wish!

and they had ruined every institution in America with the aid of the major media outlets

No, that's the neo-Republicans.

Parkey's wife, Amy Broyles, was visiting the church to see her daughter in the play. She said Adkisson "was a man who was hurt in the world and feeling that nothing was going his way," she said. "He turned the gun on people who were mostly likely to treat him lovingly and compassionately and be the ones to help someone in that situation."

Amen to that.