June 29th, 2008



There seems to be a minor thunderstorm brewing outside, and Lilla pointed this out a few minutes ago and said we should turn off the computers. Me, I'm not worried. For one, I have never seen lighting even once since moving to Portland. And secondly, Iowa had lots of thunderstorms and I never had a problem. How silly to be afraid of thunderstorms. Personally, I think fear of lightning is far more likely to attract lightning than not being afraid of it is. I mean, technically speaking, you shouldn't talk on the phone or take a bath or shower during a thunderstorm. Meh. What lack of faith these mortals have. :-) Besides, I have a surge protector. What's more, it thundered a grand total of once, about 10 minutes ago, and hasn't made any noise since then. It was much more active a few hours ago, when I purposefully went out in the rain, but even that was a pitiful amount of both thunder and rain. It petered out about 1/4th of the way through my walk. Today was, thus, the first thunderstorm I've experienced in Portland since moving here, and so far it has made me yawn. *Thinking* Okay, scratch that. It's the second one. The first one was pretty boring too. Hardly a thunderstorm at all. I don't know about the rest of Oregon, but so far, Portland's thunderstorms have been pitiful and boring, not even really deserving the honor of being called thunderstorms. Comparing Portland thunderstorms to Iowa thunderstorms is like comparing a windy day to Hurricane Andrew. Okay, maybe not that bad, but still... Portland thunderstorms have so far been puny little wimpy things. I find myself wishing for a genuine thunderstorm, one that makes cracks of thunder that rattle windows and set off car alarms, like that first Portland thunderstorm did once before petering out. That one had a lot of potential to be great, but it didn't last long. Setting off that person's car alarm was its one great achievement. I remember it made me laugh.

I was never afraid of thunderstorms, even as a kid. I delighted in them. Sudden cracks of thunder that would make most kids wet themselves made me laugh with glee and run to the window to watch the wind and the rain blow around. I have walked around outside in thunderstorms and never had anything even remotely resembling a near-miss. We once did this thing in elementary school where we were working with this machine that could tell us how likely we were to be hit by lightning. I think it read our personal electrical/magnetic fields to see how attractive we were to lightning. One girl, a Hispanic girl, was the most likely to be hit by lightning. I don't remember much about my reading, except that it was so low that I may even have been repulsive to lightning.

Oh look. Big surprise. The rain petered out. No more "thunderstorm." That didn't take long. I've taken pisses that lasted longer than that.