June 17th, 2008

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I had an unusual dream!

I had a weird dream last night. It started that I was a part of this family (not my own, I was someone else) that was running from some people. We had to keep moving, never stopping, because our hunters were relentless. And none of us had any idea why they were hunting us, but we knew they'd kill us if they found us.

Eventually, I found someone who knew the answers we sought. He explained what was going on. He told a story of how the magical world and the mortal world used to be one and the same, but there were these nasty demon-like creatures that were causing so much trouble for mortals that God put a veil between the two worlds. Unfortunately, some were still in the mortal realm, and others were getting through every now and then through weak spots in the veil. And there were people who knew how to get rid of these things and banish them back to their realm, and this old man was one of them. Apparently, the people chasing us had been possessed by these creatures. And long-term possession seemed to give the creatures the ability to shapeshift the bodies of the hosts... specifically, making them be able to grow huge and have enormous fangs and glowing eyes. And claws, too.

Anyway, so apparently a temporary solution was to lock these creatures into clay figurines, but if the figurines broke or were touched by someone who didn't know how to do so without getting taken over by the demon-like things, then the things can escape and take over someone's body. Two of these figurines still had a couple of these creatures in them (in a room full of these figurines) and the man uses them to teach me. He shows me how to do it. This is how to do it: you hold your hands in front of you, fingers spread, and palms and fingers of each hand facing those of the other hand. Then, with your hands in that position, point your longest finger (you know the one I mean) at the demon-creature and focus on pulling it into your hands. But you can't let the demon past your wrists! Anyway, then it will crackle between your hands like electricity in its attempt to escape. I know, I could actually literally feel that feeling in the dream! Then, one focuses on holding the demon in one's writing hand while cupping the other hand with fingers ramrod-straight (making a sort of badminton ball shape). Next, imagine that a point in that palm is a portal back to the magical realm, and focus on that until it becomes true. When this happens, push the demon into this portal and close the portal behind it. I did all that in the dream, and it was awesome. Then I woke up.

I remember this one because the need to urinate woke me up. :-)


In other news, I now have a pentacle necklace I can wear, at long last! I've wanted one for some time, because I wanted a way to advertise to other pagans that I, too, am pagan. Now I have it. It's a simple silver pentacle, but it's bigger and thicker than the tiny thin one I had before, and it's shiny, whereas the other one is all... bleh.

Oh, and finished "Uriel's Machine" by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas. Starting soon on one called "Civilization One: The World is not as you thought it was" by Christopher Knight and Alan Butler, which goes more in depth about the discoveries they've made about the discoveries they've made about the sciences the megalithic culture(s) had. Also checked out "Goth Craft" by Raven Digitalis.
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I met a celebrity!

I met my second ever celebrity! (Met Dat Phan once before). Who'd I meet? I met Art Alexakis, lead singer of Everclear, while at work. Apparently he lives in Portland, not far from the Baja Fresh I work at. I didn't know who he was until the other day, when a co-worker pointed him out. I'd actually seen him there before, and thought he looked familiar, but I couldn't place his face until a co-worker the other day told me who he was.

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chameleon_path: Always good to know I can raise mcCain with a few well-chosen words. :-D But on this list, I'm in good company - I'm not a maverick, you know.

Me: And I'll be glad to know you'll raise Cain whenever you're Abel. ;-)

chameleon_path: Oh, Jesus, where does the madness end?! You have an Eve-il mind, you know that, and I have to be Adamant about that point. :-D

Me: Why thank you, my dear, for showing me Yahweh to pun. I'd invite Jehovah for coffee to discuss punning, but I don't know where you live. ;-) But if I happen to see you on the street and recognize you, I might say "Eloha" to you. :-) Maybe I could play some music for you. I used to be in a band, but now I'm just a Solomon. Anyway, I've punished you Enoch for now. :-D