May 13th, 2008



The Multnomah County Library has a few Robert Anton Wilson books in its collection, but not "Wilhelm Reich In Hell." So I decided to inter-library loan it. Guess how many libraries have that book? Give up? Well, there are nine. Nine! IN THE ENTIRE FREAKING COUNTRY. Only nine libraries in all the USA have a copy of "Wilhelm Reich In Hell"!

Some day, when I am rich and famous (crosses fingers in hope), I am going to start a trust fund like Carnegie did, only instead of the money going to build libraries, it will go toward getting books into libraries that ought to be in libraries. Books that a lot of people would be interested in, but which the people who are interested in them are scattered around the country. Like occult books, and controversial titles.

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Unusual musical instruments

Musical Tesla Coils:
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Aquasonic waterphone. I recognized one of the sounds it made as being the brontosaurs from Jurassic Park! Also, I think this is so awesome because I like to put water in frying pans, hit them with silverware, and swirl the water around to vary the pitch. Enjoy:
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You gotta wait through some product crap at the beginning of this one, but it's well worth it for the mini-concert! The theremin can be really creepy sometimes, but in this one it sounds like an opera singer:
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People used to think the glass armonica's sound would drive you insane because of the wacky things it does to human hearing (the range of frequencies it plays at are such that the human brain cannot tell where the sound is coming from), but it was only ever the players in danger of insanity (they used to use lead glass). Sounds awesome, though:
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EDIT: Speaking of unusual instruments, how about learning how to play a building?
Picard facepalm

Woman fired over 16-cent doughnut

Woman fired over 16-cent doughnut

LONDON, Ontario (UPI) -- Canada's largest doughnut chain fired a woman in London, Ontario, for giving a customer's toddler a 16-cent doughnut nugget for free.

Nicole Lilliman, 27, was summoned to the office of the Tim Hortons franchise Wednesday and told video surveillance had caught her giving the child a Timbit -- a tablespoon-sized solid doughnut on Monday, the London Free Press reported Thursday.

"It was just out of my heart -- (the child) was pointing and going 'ah, ah'," she said. "I should have gone to my purse and got the change, but it was busy."

She said the three managers who summoned her fired her for theft and told her she had to sign the accusation before leaving.

She told the newspaper Timbits are routinely given away to dogs in cars at the drive-through window. Tim Hortons district manager Nicole Mitchell told the Free Press those cases involve "day-old and recycled" Timbits.

"Employees aren't allowed to give out free products and that's the bottom line," she said.

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