May 9th, 2008

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Military pun

lillakat was explaining to me how someone misread something she was saying as being against the US military, when in fact she was really "against militaries in general." I smiled, said, "Against militaries in general, eh? What about militaries in sergeants?" She smacked my hand for that, something I always have her do to me when I make a bad pun. But I wasn't done yet. As she was leaving the room, I said, "That was a major pun I made." Smack! "But let's keep it private." Smack! :-)

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Parents claim 3 year old has not slept a day in his life

This news crew has been duped. These people are claiming that their 3 year old son has a congenital condition which prevents him from being able to sleep. They also claim that because of it, he has not slept since being born. This is obviously a hoax, and I don't know how anyone could fall for it, especially reporters. Because it simply is NOT POSSIBLE for anyone to go without sleep for that long. The longest anyone has ever gone without sleep and LIVED is 11 days. Even if, by some strange miracle, someone managed to live longer than that without sleeping, the hallucinations would have driven them stark raving mad. Crazy. Loony. Gibbering insanity! This kid would either need bodily restraints at all times, or would be catatonic.

My bullshitometer is going so far off the scales on this one that I can't even describe it. Ugh. Some people are so damned gullible.