February 28th, 2008

girl crying 2

You ought to know better!

Recap: I work at a call center for a cell phone company.

Okay, so today I got on the bus to go home, as did a bunch of other people from the place I work. We're driving along, and the bus driver says something to me I don't understand. A minute or two later, he makes an announcement politely asking whoever is playing their stereo headphones too loud to please turn it down. I have an "AH!" moment of comprehension and finally notice the sound. My ears are not the greatest, so I figure if I can hear it while listening for it, it's conceivable that someone can hear it loudly enough to be annoying to them. I'm all set to shrug it off and go on with life, and some of the other bus passengers are grumbling a little.

A few minutes later, the music is still going, and the driver announces over the intercom to please turn down the stereo. One of the people who works where I do starts spazzing out about "No one has a stereo" and goads the driver into an argument that culminates with him - quite rightly - threatening to throw her off the bus. Oh, all the details are a bit fuzzy because I was silently thinking "Shut the fuck up!" but basically, they were being assholes to him. Then this car in front of us stops suddenly, so the bus has to stop suddenly, and the assholes start bitching about "The bus driver has anger issues, I don't feel safe." And I just want to tell them all to fuck off, but my shyness does not permit me to. The people still continue to talk nasty about the guy in *just* audible tones for a couple miles.

Then we stopped at Parkrose Transit Center and one of them got off and called him an asshole, very loudly. More nasty talk as we kept going. When I finally - THANKFULLY - got to my stop, I told the guy quietly (it was all I could do to do that much, I was shaking like a leaf) that he shouldn't have to put up with shit like that, those people deal with assholes all the time and ought to know better than to behave like that."
Him: "You know that woman? [The main troublemaker, the one who should have gotten kicked off the bus]?
Me: "Not personally, but she works where I do."

I gave him my name, address, my gf's cell number (my own is a Tracfone and we don't have a landline yet), and best time to call because I was a friendly witness.

Really, though. You'd think that dealing with assholes all day long you'd have a little more sense than to act like an asshole yourself to someone for such a fucking stupid reason. Granted, the music was barely audible to me, but some people have very sensitive hearing and that could easily be annoying to someone else. In fact, once I noticed it, I couldn't stop noticing it, and it was beginning to annoy me, too.

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