January 15th, 2008

Adorable Evil

I went far!

I went farther today on the MAX than I've done ever before. PAST Beaverton, all the way into Hillsboro... just to drop off an application. Took me over an hour to get out there. And then the lady I gave it to said that the boss had said he wasn't looking at any more applications for two weeks. Ginger, I expect you to nag him gently for me so he looks at it sooner, okay? ;-)

peanut butter

OMG, I just had the world's most bizarre peanut butter at Lilla's. Organic, it was basically peanuts pureed in their own oil. On its own, it was disgusting. I had to add sweetener to it. Even then, it wanted to go anywhere except stay on the bread, I had a hard time eating it. It was okay once sweetened, though. But I tell you... sheesh. Lilla says it's the only time she prefers the processed stuff over the natural stuff, it's actually her mom's. And I thought my dad was weird for liking peanut butter and mayonaise sandwiches!