January 7th, 2008


I almost got stuck downtown overnight!

So I decided to go to Border's after work tonight. ACS (my workplace) closes at 6 on Sunday. The bus line 12 comes at ten till 6 and then doesn't come again until 7:03. Not wanting to wait that long, I biked up 181st because I had heard there was a MAX stop on it. It was 6:40 or later when I finally got to it, but by the time the bus line 12 would have gotten to 181st and Sandy (right in front of ACS), I was already halfway towards downtown.

So Border's is usually open until 9. Most days, I would have been home by 10:30 at the latest. I got there today, and as I was walking towards the restroom, I heard a familiar voice. LILLA WAS THERE! WOOHOO!!! She was talking with her friend, Sara-Cat. I joined the par-tay. Then 8:00 rolls around and come to find out that's when they close on Sunday. So we went next door to Lilla-and-I's favorite restaurant, The Rock Bottom Inn, and we all three have dinner, Lilla's treat. (I really tried to order something cheap, but it's hard to there.) Anyway, we stayed there with this AMAZING, long, interesting, and awesome conversation that just wandered all over everywhere until almost midnight. I walked my bike alongside Lilla to her bus stop and waited with her, seeing her off. Then I went up to the MAX station.

I waited. And waited. And waited some more. Yes, I waited on a fox; yes, I waited on a box. I don't like waiting, Sam-I-Am. Waiting's worse than porno spam. ("Porno spam?" inquired Sam. "Let me clear your garbage can." "He's a nympho with a cock," said Sam's cousin, Sam-I'm-Not.)
Anyway, the bugger never came. I called Transit Tracker, it said the next one would be there at 4 AM. Fuck. I wandered around on my bike, worried that I'd get stuck overnight downtown. I mean, honestly; I biked from Lilla's to home once going down Belmont. NEVER. AGAIN. Worst and longest trip I ever took by bike. And from downtown to 82nd? Twice as long. Now if I could have found and crossed the Sandy Bridge, then I could have followed Sandy home no problem. There's only one upward-climbing hill between downtown and 82nd on Sandy. Still, I'm glad the line 12 was still running. I'm not sure if I caught the last 12 line bus or the second-to-last, but I'm glad I didn't have to find out.