December 13th, 2007

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One day, when I am at least comfortably wealthy, there are so many foods I want to try. Before I moved here to Oregon, I thought there were only two kinds of olives: black and green. And I'm fairly sure those are the same species, just one is ripe and the other is not. Now, I moved here and found out about kalamata olives (which are delicious!) and all kinds of other types of olives in all shapes and sizes. I'd never even SEEN sushi before, and they have it in the stores here. And oh my goodness, the variety and quantity of organic foods. Also, very rarely had I ever seen loose tea. Now I see it quite often. Ooooh, and bread! I love bread, it's one of my favorite foods. I especially love chewy bread. There's so many kinds of bread.

Something I realized today, upon seeing a tiny kind of apple in the store called a lady apple, is that there is a lot more variety of species and breeds of fruits than there are of vegetables. Now before you disagree, think on it a moment: most of the things that are considered vegetables are actually fruits. Because they contain seeds.

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But my point is, if you think about those things, most of the foods (of fruits and veggies) that have a lot of variety of types, species, and breeds are fruits. The veggies, not so much. Broccoli? Only one species/breed that I know of. Cauliflower and asparagus, the same. Lettuce has several varieties, but not a huge number. Cabbage has two varieties that I know of. Spinach, one (unless "baby spinach" is its own breed). Tea, if it can be considered a vegetable, has myriad varieties though. Potatoes and onions have the most variety of any vegetable (unless you count tea) that I know of. Carrots have two kinds that I know of, unless baby carrots don't count.
But tomatoes? OH MY GOD the varieties! So too olives, squash, peppers, and mushrooms among others. And fruits that are actually popularly considered fruits have astonishing levels of variety! (Methinks it may be because people tend to like fruits more than veggies.)

I have joined Facebook

I finally broke down and got a Facebook account. If anyone is interested in adding me, my profile is at =

One request - If I don't already know your real name, tell me a name I'd recognize (like your LJ username) in the request. In fact, even if you think I know your real name, do that anyway.

Also, bear with me on names. I have difficulty remembering them and may get you confused with someone else. If I make a mistake, don't hesitate to correct me.