November 29th, 2007



I feel a little better today than I did yesterday when I was in a Shitsville sort of mood. I was still feeling pretty bad this morning... woke up and wished I could just sleep the rest of the day to escape my life. I'm not even particularly sure what's wrong, aside from the buildup inside that isn't being vented.

Anyway, it's weird but work made me feel better. Not sure why.

Tonight I cut up a potato into slices and fried them. Man was that good. Some were crunchy like potato chips, and others were still kind of soft, but they were all good. The soft ones reminded me of something my dad loves to make called American Fries. Except he never cooks his long enough, and cooks them all in a huge pile so the outside ones are crunchy but the inside ones are all soggy. So I never liked them much when he made them. But this was awesome. I still had some leftover oil, so I made some tortilla chips and tostadas for later.

Next time, I won't try so hard to cut the potatos thin. I'll just make American Fries, Fayanora style. Ooooh, I just had a cool thought: spicy american fries! Cayenne pepper or something like that. Or, when I have money again, I could get some of that spicy oil, add a little to the cooking oil in the pan, and make it that way.