November 18th, 2007

Group Intellect

My Satanic take on "turning the other cheek."

I was having a discussion with Chrissy a week or so ago, and something she said gave me an idea. She said that, while in prison, a couple guys tried to pick a fight with her by hitting her. And what'd she do? She just didn't react except to give them a look that said that all you got? That was pathetic. You know, like in the movies where the hero hits the big villain and the villain doesn't even feel it, and gives the hero that intimidating 'You hit like an octopus' look.

So I was thinking, I know that the whole 'turn the other cheek' thing is interpreted (and was probably intended to mean) "nonviolence" like Buddha and Gandhi and so on, and most Satanists see that as weakness, but it *could* be interpreted as "big freakin whoopdee doo."

Of course, while many Satanists say they value their own lives and would always fight back to defend themselves and loved ones, I wonder... since Satanists value freedom, I'd be willing to bet that they would do whatever it took to win freedom if freedom was being suppressed. Individualists like Satanists would undoubtedly be on the front lines. And, being clever and valuing their own lives, what better way to fight for freedom than with cunning nonviolence? I think nonviolence can be as Satanic as violence. In fact, it could possibly be even MORE Satanic than violence. I mean, any idiot can take up arms and be violent, and truth be told, violence may solve some things, but it never solves them all, and actually causes more problems than it solves. So what better way for a Satanist to fight for freedom than to use his or her brain?

Look at the Boston Tea Party. How clever was that! Sabotage of the product most representative of the taxation without representation issue, it's brilliant! And Gandhi... the British made it illegal to buy salt from anyone but the British, and made it illegal to pick up salt from the beaches and other places. And what did Gandhi do? Organized a whole shitload of people to blatantly break the law by the simple act of picking up salt from the beaches. That's some cojones!

So yeah. Who says turning the other cheek is weakness? I say it takes some real guts to effectively show your opponent you're not afraid of them. Besides, like the quote says, "Love your enemies, it confuses the hell out of them."