October 12th, 2007


The Friday Five meme

1.If you could go back in time and change anything that has occurred in history, what would you alter and why?

I would go back in time with a spaceship called Noah's Ark II and make sure the life on Mars didn't die out, help it to thrive. Then I'd take breeding pairs of dinosaurs from the Cretaceous and transplant them on Mars.

2.If your current life was to end today and in the next moment you were born again, where everything was the same as when you were actually born, however, you retained all of what you know from your first life, what would you do differently?

I would spend my life becoming an insanely intelligent person, scare the shit out of my parents by having my first words be at age 3 months be "I wish I'd been a girl instead." Then later in my life I would get my puberty put off with "drugs" and then get hormone therapy early. Then I'd conquer the world! MWAH HA HA HA HA!!! (Just kidding.)

3. If you could choose to become someone who has lived or who is living, who would you become and why?

I'd become one of the girl infants living today so I could start over as a biological girl.

4. What do you feel is the most intense experience that is currently happening or may soon come to happen, that may "affect" our survival and what (if) any changes must occur, to continue our existence here?

The environment and how people treat each other.

5. Recalling your most earliest memories/awareness up to now, during your life so far name one thing that you consider a positive experience involving humanity now then from what you can recall in your earliest memories. Name one negative experience also.

I'm passing on this one.