October 7th, 2007

Steph Sleepy

I am just not a diurnal creature.

Copied from a reply to a reply to squallygirl, with a lot of additions:

The icon [I have up right now] is that one because it is very late and I should be getting to bed. *Sigh* But I am just not diurnal. I used to work at god-awful o'clock in the morning. Years of that and I never got used to it. Good riddance! My body just does not want to cooperate. I don't even get tired at night, usually. Most often, I only go to sleep out of sheer boredom; the humans tend to be diurnal, so there's almost nothing open at night.

I also have a tendency to sleep too much. This is because I love dreams. I can't have more than 8 hours of sleep; if I do, I ache when I get up and I feel more tired than usual. But I can easily sleep 10 or 11 hours, just to keep dreaming, unless I set my alarm. So I set my phone's alarm earlier (between 10 and 11, usually) and then hide it somewhere in the room. This is because if I put it within reach of the bed, I turn it off and go back to sleep. Even this trick doesn't always work! I can get up, find the cell phone, and turn off the alarm and then hop right back into bed and fall asleep again. If I could hear it in other parts of the house, I would do that. When I was sleeping on the couch in the living room, I would put the phone all the way on the dining room table or on top of the fridge!

I'm tired during the day no matter how much sleep I've gotten, no matter when I went to bed, no matter how long I've been getting up early, and so on. Nothing makes any difference. What's more, if I get up early (8 or earlier) for more than two days in a row, I start getting upset stomach every day or every other day. I've even tried fasting before bed the night before... doesn't do any good. I am truly a creature of the night.

If I could find a really good book, and a day I didn't need to be up the next day, I still want to try being up all night long sometime.

Crud... and I normally have church on Sundays (Unitarian Universalist). I get up at 9 for that. Well, being as it's five now, I'm going to opt out of it this week. How did I get to this, tonight? I usually go to bed early on Saturday nights. Oh that's right - I had homework to do. I did manage to get most of it done. I'll do the rest tomorrow. Good night!
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Steph Candy

I redecorated!

Hey, if any of you are reading this from your friends page, you should come on over to my LJ and see the new decorations!
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