September 21st, 2007

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I feel a little cheated

Earlier today I went somewhere to do something, but that's not important to this post. As I was coming back, biking down Fremont, instead of going home (it was not even 4 yet, I don't think it was even 3), I focused on a nearby one of what Chrissy called "hills." But damn it, it's a MOUNTAIN! I know it's a hill compared to some of the mountains in the area, but to me, it qualifies as a mountain in its own right.

Anyway, so I decided to see if I could find a way up the mountain. I biked around, and finally found one, a road that was called (I think) Rocky Butte Road or something like that. Amusing name. :-) Yes, I know it rhymes with "cute," but it's still amusing.

Man oh man, was that ever steep. I saw some people go by on bikes, but it was too steep for me to bike it. So I walked my bike all the way up this road. Must have taken at least an hour, if not more, to get to the very top. Especially since I kept stopping to admire the scenery and take pictures. All without getting too near the edge. Even with a stone wall there... *shudders* not pleasant to think about.

Oh, my... the whole way up there I was thinking how awesome this would be to go down! Hug the mountain, race down at a controlled speed (brakes and a healthy love of life). I was going to have a BLAST! So I kept exploring to see how far up it went, because I was looking forward to this big huge long windy and fast-but-not-too-fast trip back down again.

It was my exploring that caused the eventual problem. I got to the very top, but not being satisfied, my exploratory spirit took me along a different road. I suppose I should have realized what it was. Oh yes, it was fun to ride down, but it was over far too soon. And I was all like, what the hell? Where am I? And pulled into this parking lot to find out where I was (hitting a bump and hurting my hand - no cuts, no real damage - in the process). Turned out to be a Bible college. (Blech!) But I'd barely registered that fact, biking along to have discovered that, when POP! There I was at Fremont again. Talk about anticlimactic! I had a definite Molly moment of disappointment. :-( All that climbing up that thing!

The way it felt was like I was the first person to climb to the top Mount Everest, and was looking forward to going down the world's biggest natural luge track, when something caught my eye: a door. Opened the door, went in a little ways, tripped, slid down a plastic kiddy slide, and was back at the base of Everest. Whoop-dee-freaking-doo.
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