July 19th, 2007


Ye Olde Goldyn Apple Presse update!

Ye Olde Goldyn Apple Presse, my Discordian faux newspaper, has updated! And the most recent issue is in both PDF format AND .doc format!

YOGAP web page

Neauveu issue #2!

Neauveu issue #3 in PDF format!

Neauveu issue #3 in DOC format!

It just gets more and more hilarious! We have some new "writers" (fictional writers) like Mr. Fitbleeds Itleads, who has written our two latest headline news stories about a vicious boojum attack against school children! We have a new "world news" section, Celebrity Interviews done by Vick Shunnel, Obitchuaries, Movies, the informative "Learn About" series by Ignor Amos, and classified ads!

Oh, and if the third entry in the Celebrity News on issue 3 doesn't make you squirt milk out of your nose, I will give you a year's worth of invisible bologna!

COMING SOON: Admiral Cadaver's "How To" Corner, Zoey Xylophone's Zoological Report, Susan Sporktwiddler's Safety Tips, and Hiroshima Sakisaki's Travel Column!

Also, there will be an advice column. Not sure which of my writers will do that, yet. But I'm already looking for REAL questions people REALLY want advice on!

OOPS! Thought "all comments" meant "allow all comments." Sorry! I was trying to disable the screening so advice seekers could post anonymously. Now they can.