June 21st, 2007


The da-Ahn'Ihndohn Festival


...is an idea I had for re-connecting with my spirituality after a few months of being disconnected from it for various reasons (working with Pi, writing like a mad woman, etc.). Each day I will honor one deity from my pantheon until I get through them all. This could take about... 47 or so days, as I have about 46 to 47 deities in my pantheon. Most of which I barely pay any attention to most of the time. There are 6 main ones I focus on a lot: Shao'Kehn (Chaos), Ahndahn (Order), their daughter Nahtahdjaiz (Children); Grah'Bahn (Life), Moiulainas Taybahliss (Mother of All), and Kohraindehr (All).

Without further ado, I introduce you to today's deity:


      Yes, I am starting on a Thursday and making it a Thurr's Day. Did that on purpose.

      Thurr is the Yahgahn Deity of Peace, Love, Kindness, and similar things. (Though Happiness is another Deity). On this day I vow to be all the things that Thurr is, and to abstain from all she is not. (Namely, Impatience, Frustration, Anger, Rage, Irritation, and so on.) If I should have any incidents of being these things that Thurr is not, I am going to be taking out a little money from my account for each of these incidents (how much depends on the severity of the incident) and donate it to a charity that is dedicated to peace. (Any suggestions of which charities are dedicated to peace are welcome, because I'm fairly sure I'm going to be donating some money.)


EDIT: Oh yeah, and if you're reading this from your friends page, come on over to my LJ and look at the new decorations!
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