May 31st, 2007

moonphase anger

Holidays and not having the Net

I hate most holidays anyway. Easter was nothing but a miniature Christmas for my family for years after I got bored with the stupid eggs. Dad's sorta kinda agnostic, Mom is a New Ager, and me... well I defy boxes and labels. Except when I need to ship things in the mail. (LOL!) But seriously... the only holidays we ever celebrated were these:

* secular/semi-Pagan Easter
* All Hallow's Eve
* Thanksgiving
* Xmas/Yule

Of those, my favorite two are All Hallow's and Yule, in that order. I don't like Easter at all anymore. And thanksgiving has been half fights and half awesome games of Scrabble and half feeling like an imposition because of my being a vegetarian. (Yes, I know that's three halves, I don't give a phlying phuckistan.) If it was just the Scrabble, I would LOVE Thanksgiving.

Nowadays, most holidays except Yule and All Hallow's are naught but PHUCKING IRRITATIONS to me. Take Memorial Day for example. Stupid beyond belief. I mean, okay, sure... honor the dead and all that. But do you have to use it as an excuse for the government-run things to shut down? I mean, they get every fucking Sunday off anyway! ROTATE SHIFTS, PEOPLE! Hire more people! Then you wouldn't have to take off the 800th anniversary of Saint Obscure's discovery of his first pubic hair. Gods, the holidays these people take off! Library shut down, post office, a bunch of other places. This town feels like prison enough as it is without everything shutting down.

Fuck, I hate being without the Net at home. First time on in a fucking week almost and I'm limited to an hour. Phuck.