May 25th, 2007

psychohazard ani

Crazy dreams

What's really sucky is when you dream about being at work, and you get a sucky customer in your dream! The other night I was dreaming about being at work, and it was a lucid dream, so I knew it was a dream. (I get those a lot when the sun comes out... the sunlight doesn't wake me up, but it makes me aware that I'm asleep and dreaming.) This guy came up to pay and I said, "Sorry sir, but I just realized this is a dream; I don't have to be here, so I'm leaving and I can't serve you." And he got angry with me! Can you believe that? I can't get a break sometimes! UGH!

Then I had some kind of dream for an hour or so last night, another of those lucid dreams, but it had nothing to do with work (thank GODS!). I can't recall what it was about, though. It's especially annoying to forget what happened in a lucid dream.