April 30th, 2007


Had fun at Des Moines yesterday with Dad

Dad and I went to Des Moines (the capital city of Iowa) yesterday. I was up at 7:45, which is a long time before I'm usually up. (I'm not usually up until 10 or 10:30.)

Places we went:

* Hot Topic. I got a cool black "newspaper boy" hat, a nylon arm warmer/glove sort of thing, a special recolored edition of Sandman #1 (only 50 cents!) by Neil Gaiman, a magazine about dark culture, an Inu-Yasha t-shirt, and a couple stickers (one is huge with a faery/angel sort of dealymabob on it and a celtic cross; the other says "Don't interrupt me when I'm talking to myself.")

* Border's. I got a copy of PanGaia magazine, a copy of NewWitch magazine, and the second issue of the Inu-Yasha manga (I already had #1).

* Best Buy. I got a free "about anime" kind of magazine, "Mutter" by Rammstein, and this thing which I thought was a boxed set of the Fullmetal Alchemist series for $34, it turned out to contain a DVD with only 4 episodes and a CD soundtrack. Of course, it didn't say on the box what was in it aside from something to do with Fullmetal Alchemist. Grrr...

* The movie theatre, and saw "Next," starring Nicholas Cage. It was awesome, but the ending was strange. Not sure if I liked the ending or not.

* A graveyard. Yes! We were both taking photos of all kinds of tombs and gravestones. I didn't realize Dad was as morbid as me. :-) Some of the photos I took as we were driving... I call those "drive-by shootings." :-)

* We ate at a place called Joe's Crab Shack. I should've gone for the meal deal; the calimari was good, but it wasn't enough, even with the side salad. Dad had clam strips and french fries. He and I both love clams, but all we can find in this area is those crappy minced clams. DAMMIT! GIVE ME THE REAL THING! Clams ought to be so chewy it takes you five minutes to eat one!

Movies I want to see:

* The Last Mimsy
* Spiderman 3
* Shrek the Third
* The Golden Compass
* Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
* 300
* Blades of Glory
* Ghost Rider
* Bridge To Terrabithia
* Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
* Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
* Bee Movie
* The Bourne Ultimatum

I do NOT want to see Evan Almighty. I liked the God of Bruce Almighty... I don't think that God would have had a Flood or Noah.

Pi and I will visit tonight, since we couldn't this weekend.