April 21st, 2007


Paid account and new icons!

I just yesterday upgraded to a paid account! Just about $2 a month (plus an extra $10 a year for max icon love), and I can have 105 icons now, though yesterday I had only 100. Not sure how I got five extra, but I ain't complaining. :-) Like my new default icon? SPREADIN THE WORD OF CWG! *happydance* Haven't even filled my quota on icons, no where NEAR yet. Though sadly, three icons I really really wanted are too big. Ah well, I can do a different version of one of them with fewer pictures. That one is "worm movie." (No real worms were used.)

In other news, the Featured Web Site Content of the Weekend:
Pope Reverend Water-Nymph Nocturnal's Papal Bulls and Papal Briefs
(Pope Reverend W.N.Nacht is me, Fayanora, of course. I even have a new PRWNN icon!)