April 2nd, 2007


Need some assistance with something

My girlfriend is trying to find instances of "evil things" (controversial things) that the USA has done in the world in the past. Whether CIA, military, government, or the World Trade Organization, or a large company like Wal-Mart... I need links, or a list of things to Google.

One thing I need help on in specific is that I know that the CIA deposed the shah of Iran and replaced him, but without knowing what to look for, I can't find any details. I don't even know who they replaced him with.


Mool Mantra

From Sihkism, the Mool Mantra: Ik Onkar Satnaam Karta Purakh Nirbhau Nirvair Akaal Moorat Ajooni Saibhang Gurprasad.

Meaning: One (Source), without duality - That Which Was, Is, and Will Be. (Source)'s name is The Truth, the Being That Does All That is Done. (Source is) devoid of Fear. (Source is) devoid of Enmity. (Source is) The Entity That Is Not Subject to Death Or Bound By Time. (Source is) not bound by form. (Source is) Beyond Birth / Death. (Source is) Self-Created. (Source is) Attained by the Grace of the Guru.