March 24th, 2007


Majorly fucking psychotic dream

Friends locked because its supremely weirding me out.

Anyway... this was about a week ago, and it took me this long to tell anyone. I told Lilla first. Haven't even put it in my digital diary yet. So anyway, here goes.

It started as some other dream, and faded into me sitting on a bed in a bedroom that was "mine" but wasn't the real one of mine. It was a very short dream part. Very short, and very disturbing. I was sitting there on the bed. I looked to my left and suddenly spotted a barely visible handle to a baby stroller hiding behind something. As soon as I spotted it and knew what it was, it started moving on its own, taking the baby with it around the corner of the bed and out the doorway. The apartment door opened on its own, and across the hall was someone else's apartment door, also open (this differs from reality... I have the only apartment on the top level.)

As the baby in the stroller was rolling out the door and into the apartment across the hall, a number of things became known to me in a single instant:
A. I'd been taking care of a little girl for about 18 or so years.
B. This girl had a twin.
C. Oddly, though she was a baby, the baby was the girl's twin.
D. Odder still, I had been caring for the twin as well without realizing it... or at least housing it.
E. A conspiracy had kept me from knowing about the twin, somehow right under my nose.
F. Since I had somehow discovered the twin, the conspiracy was taking the baby away to be raised by someone else.
G. The conspiracy were listening to everything... they had eyes and ears everywhere.

As I realized all this, I shouted out, "I wouldn't have minded twins! You could have TOLD me!" The doors shut. And then I woke up, sweating and panicy, as though it was a nightmare. Which maybe it was.

I've been trying to puzzle out the meaning ever since. And it's no good looking it up in dream dictionaries, those things are useless on my dreams anyway. I'm just too damn weird. :-)

So, weird-out factor 1: I don't believe in conspiracies. Factor number 2: How does one take care of twins and not realize there's two of them? And factor number 3: Inanimate objects moving or speaking of their own accord (aside from things designed to do that) terrified me as a child, and I have to admit to being terrified during the dream of the stroller moving.

Discordian Scripture

Brax and I have decided to write a Discordian scripture. Others may join in as well.

The Opposing Book of Opposites
Being a Discordian scripture by people who ought to know better

1. Hear Me, Hear Me! Or Fear Me, Fear Me! Either is good. Das ist goot! Ich bin GOTT! Gott ist notlivingstein. Doctor Livingston, I presume?

(The military man from Monty Python's Flying Circus steps in and interrupts) "No no no, good heavens no! The first line and this has already gotten much too silly. Far too silly. I don't want to have to be interrupting all the time. Carry on with the scripture, then."


Once upon a time, there was a barn in Iowa. Nothing much happened there, as Nothing Much is wont to do in places like Iowa, there not being any Something to do. It's said that Greyface took a shit in the middle of the country, and the result was Iowa. But anyone who says that is a blasphemer.

Anyway, in this barn in which not much happened, there was - most unusually - something happening. A shindig. Two serial killers were digging at someone's shins, eating them. The body being dead, it did not object to this.

(Military man steps in again.) "Stop, stop! What is the point of all this? Are you just making this up as you go along, with no idea where you're going with it?"

YES! *Giant hammer hits him on the head*

Sorry about all that. Going on...

So there they were, eating this dead body. When, erm... uh...