March 17th, 2007


My web site and the Crappy Book of Bullshit

Well, it seems that the last server disruption at, where my web site is hosted, ate my entire site. PMC has no backups for it. So, I have to burn a CD and send it to him. Trouble is, my own backups are scattered around, and many of them are probably at my parents' house. Hard to get to them. So, I've had to redesign my site from scratch. Some of the things on it I had copies of the Word or OpenOffice files of them, but Lipinski 66.69 is either gone or on a backup at Mom and Dad's place. I hope it's not gone, I never printed a copy of it, and it was my Discordian masterpiece. Fueled by weirdness and boredom.

Still, I managed to get *something* put in place on my site. There's a "be back soon" thingy on the index page. And there's also a copy of the Crappy Book of Bullshit (minus the Lipinski 66.69) =