February 3rd, 2007


FUnny sTORy

The night before last, I heard a funny electronic beep noise in my apartment. It sounded faint, like it was coming from outside, but it made me sit up with a start anyway. I didn't get up to investigate, though. Thought it might be one of those loading vehicle things that beeps when it backs up, even though it was only one beep.

Then just last night, I heard it again, at the exact same moment that I closed my book. Again I tensed up and looked around for the source, but did not get up to investigate.

Later that night, about an hour later to be exact, I stood up to turn the light out and go to bed, when I heard it again. This time it was loud enough that I knew it was coming from my apartment, and was coming from the general vicinity of my dresser drawer. Even though I was sure that my cellphone, which had been lost a couple weeks ago, had been turned off, I got the wild thought that the beeping was my cellphone. Wildly, I thought maybe I'd had the alarm on, and that since I hadn't been able to tell it anything, that it had been turning itself on and the alarm going off for a while and then going back to sleep until that time of day came again.

I tore up the dresser drawer and the surrounding area looking, and finally, in a big box by the dresser that I use as a kind of makeshift hanger for certain dry clothes, I found my cell phone at last! Imagine the look on my face when I saw it was on, and - so far as I can tell - did NOT wake up due to an alarm. I could have called it anytime I wanted to try to find it, and didn't because I'd thought it had been off. Of course, this called for extreme laughter.

It seems that the only reason it was making any noise at all was because it had been on for so long without being recharged that it was beeping to warn me of impending power outage. The battery was the lowest I've ever seen it... there was one tiny little bar left on the battery power indicator. So that made me feel like a double idiot, since it confirmed how long it'd been on.

The funniest thing is, the last time I lost it, I ended up finding it in a *different* box.

Well now I have my cellphone back anyway. :-)
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