February 2nd, 2007


I wrote this one just today

I wrote this poem off the top of my head today, with only the tiniest bit of editing. One of the benefits of nonsense poems, thankfully, is they don't have to make sense. :-)

"Ode To George"
By = Opus Van De Oplicter

I was dancing on the moon
One moonlit Hallow's Eve
When I came across a slug
Whose name, it seems, was Steve.

I followed him in his car
(A Mustang painted red)
And stopped five inches from a bar
Called "Merry Cherry Red."

We went in and had a ball,
And waltzed the night away!
The punch was good, we drank it all,
Then Steve said he was gay.

Another slug, tattooed and pierced,
Came in walking on his feet;
Though big and tall and looking fierce,
Steve's boyfriend I did meet.

"We cannot let the pretzels win,
With their salty evil hands!
I am George of Saltless Gorge,
I taught Steve to stand!"

So screaming out our battle song,
We charged the empty field;
Our swords fought the salt so strong,
While the banana hats got peeled.

Poor George so brave, he took a blow,
The dear man was a-salted;
And despite the need to go,
Verily we halted.

"Do not worry, my dear friends,
I will see you once again;
Just promise me on bended knee,
Don't let the pretzels win!"

So died George of Saltless Gorge,
Upon that salty plain;
And we vowed, ahead to forge
'til the pretzels all were slain.

Our battle with the salt goes on,
But our hearts are stout;
I just hope, when comes the dawn,
They don't join with Sauer Kraut.