January 9th, 2007


Feeling very flattered

Do any of you remember some time back when I posted that this female customer at work asked me if I had a girlfriend, and asked me for my number? Well, she came back today, and what happened surprised me and left me feeling very flattered. The girl doing the asking - while not beautiful by most peoples' standards of beauty but is to mine - was not asking for herself! She was asking for a girl who is beautiful by the standards both of most people and of me. And they asked again. She said, "I know you have a girlfriend already, but I'd still like to know your number." I was speechless again for a moment, then I said my phone number. :-) One of the great things about being in an open relationship.

Excited and happy and flattered as I was after this exchange, I did get to thinking, and wondering how far it would go considering I am the Queen of Weird. Bisexual, polyamorous, multiplicitous, and a pagan with one foot in the Light and one foot in the Darkness. Among other things. :-) It shall be interesting to see how much she can know about me before being weirded out. :-)