March 21st, 2005


Will get to fix age errors in ITYNLs.

In my novel ("I'll Tell You No Lies"), as part of the proofreading, I will get to change the age errors in the story. Have already done the notes for the worst age error.

EDIT: Okay, just figured out that one "age error" was not an age error at all... just wording that wasn't entirely clear. It indicated a future moment in the relationship of Nokwahl and her friend, and wasn't clear.


Ideas for non-fiction?

It seems there's more of a market for non-fiction than there is for fiction, so I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for me for things to write non-fiction articles about for money. Preferably something that would interest the masses, like Dad's airships (pre-WWI UFOs).

These are ideas I already have:

Child abuse
Fibromyalgia (chronic pain disease)
Discordianism? (Kinda bombed on the last article about that I did)

That is all I can beat my brain into thinking of.

Chaotic Blessings;