February 5th, 2005


Firefox theme for XP

I was fiddling with the themes on my Windows XP computer, and found out that there are XP themes available online. It was amazing! Check out the ThemeXP site for some examples. You can even change your login screen! (My login screen is not Firefox theme, but if I could find one I would change it to that!)

My Firefox theme doesn't cross over to the other users, though. They can have their own themes. :-D

Anyway, I got a Firefox theme, since I love the Firefox browser so much! :-) Click on the smaller images to see bigger images:

My login screen:

Chaotic Blessings;


If you joined a superhero group.. by Uberdude
What kind of powers would you have?
How did you get your powers?
You joined the team because...
The leader of the Team would be..brigidsblest
The angsty loner with tons of psychological issuesbloodxsacrifice
The spunky mascotconsortofvenus
The well intentioned but volitile mad geniusbrigidsblest
The reformed supervillian 'turned-good'rynchan
Your personal arch nemesisglamwhorebunni
The overwhelmingly evil and powerfull supervillianalostrael
The pesky fan or reporter_raven03
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