December 28th, 2004


Funny story

Boomtime, Day 70 of the Season of Aftermath, Year Of Our Lady of Discord 3170

A guy called last night in response to my ad I posted in the courthouse, and I missed it. But he called back today and I went over to, as he wanted, teach him how to use the computer. Here's an idea how much he knows about computers: I asked him what kind of computer it was, and he said "it's white with a keyboard and a mouse." Which is an understandable comment, when I looked at it.

Well, most of my time there was spent dealing with a slow-ass computer and it's problems. The guy bought it for $100 from a high school councellor... and you would not believe how much porn was on there! I spent the first half hour deleting porn, and the rest of the hour and a half alternating among trying to figure out why it was being so slow with 64 megs of RAM, fixing his PartyPoker program, and restarts as the old thing froze up and needed reset. It has no antivirus program, which means it's probably riddled with viruses by now.

At least it had Ad-Aware. I ran that, and found over 100 spyware programs on it. I don't think quarantine was successful... the program froze and I had to restart.

Once I got Party Poker working again, he told me I could go, because the computer was giving us both more problems than he thought was worth. He even told me he was considering getting rid of it, but would call me if he didn't. I told him I'd take one of our antivirus programs over and install it if he wanted me to come back.

All in all, an interesting day.

Chaotic Blessings;