December 23rd, 2004


Anybody know what this means?

I keep trying to send an email to IQ magazine, and keep getting a strange error message back. IQ can send to me, and I get their stuff, but I can't send anything to them... because this is what I get back:

RPG Infotech WebShield SMTP 4.5 MR1a on smtpfw1 intercepted a mail from
<> for <> having
subject:"A problem with
submitting.". Which caused the Content Filter (predators) to be
triggered and the mail
could not be delivered. IF THIS IS A GENUINE MESSAGE PLEASE

Chaotic Blessings;

Dear Chris

Dear Christine Cook, my 8-years elder half sister;

I will apologize to you and Misty for telling you the truth about your situation only after you apologize to me and to Dad, and to the rest of our family, for all the bullshit you've put us through AND learned to accept the truth.

Collapse )

      Do not write to us again - either of you - until you can accept the answers we’ve given you, and reject the lies your grandparents told you.

---Tristan A. Arts

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