December 17th, 2004


Be careful

Being the data whore I am (meaning I collect so much data in the form of pictures, random text, poems, stories, video, music, and WAV files that I routinely have to burn lots of it to CD-Rs to clear space on my ZIP drive because it gets full), I again filled up my ZIP drive today, and had to clear space. I burned a whole bunch of stuff to CD-Rs, and was deleting the copies still on the ZIP drive, and accidentally started to delete the "Tristan" folder which contains 99.9% of my stuff, including my writings. Luckily, I stopped it before it deleted anything in the sub-folders (the really important stuff) and so only a bunch of junk was cleared out. But it scared me shitless.
The only thing that saved the imortant stuff, besides the junk that was deleted, was the fact that I have so many folders within folders within folders that chaos was in my favor. After all, I have so much order in my computer files that it gets chaotic. I remember back when I was still using primarily floppy disks... I was transferring files from one disk to another, only 1.4 megs at most, and it took almost an hour to transfer because of all the excessive order.

Anyway, this was a more thorough cleaning this time than usual. I have only about 1/4th the space of the 250 meg disk filled now.

Chaotic Blessings;