November 14th, 2004


Lost in Des Moines

I have no sense of direction. Once I've been somewhere long enough, I can know it well enough to find alternate routes than the one I'm used to... I've gotten that way with Creston now, but there was a time I could get lost in Creston. So imagine now that I've gone to Des Moines, a place I only went to when I lived in Ankeny to get to the Unitarian church or the art museum. Took me ages to find each of those places, and once I found them, the route was burned into my mind. Had my route been blocked, I doubt I would ever have managed to find another way to them.

So yes, this last Saturday I went to Des Moines all by my wee wittle wonesome. :-) Well, I was there from about nine AM to about 8 PM, and in that entire time I went to three malls and a little CD store I happened to wander across. The rest of the time was spent being hopelessly lost. Everywhere I went I got lost... getting from Valley West Mall to Merle Hay Mall was the worst... I was lost for an hour or more on *that* attempt. Then finding Southridge Mall was no picnic either. Even before I tried to leave for home, I had left the city limits twice! And this is even with a built-in digital compass in my car.

No, I amend this: trying to get on the interstate to home was the worst time of being lost I had. Most people's directions were useless to me, and I had to call home to try to get directions. Finally, one of the customers at Casey's gave me perfect directions, and I was able to get on the interstate to go home. Even then, I ended up going the wrong direction down highway 65 and had to turn around. What's more, I got off the wrong exit once I got to Osceola, and had to get directions *again* to get back to Creston. That was simple enough, though... I'd gotten off 34 when I'd needed to get off on 33.

Bart: Ik werd als een vrouw gekleed terwijl daar en gebruikte zelfs de badkamers van de vrouwen drie tijden!
      (I know that's probably not right, as I cheated by using, but I hope you get the meaning. If not, email me.)

Chaotic Blessings;