October 29th, 2004


First day

Had my first day at my new job yesterday. It was difficult, but I love it already. The last hour was like a long break, with everyone in bed. We only had to get up every now and then during that last hour to do bed checks. I really like the consumers there a lot, but I can't say anything more about them here because of the confidentiality agreement. In fact, I can't say anything more to anyone. There's something I really want to tell Bart about my first day, I mean really really, but I can't. Poo. :-( Ah well, I wouldn't say it here in public anyway.

Getting lots of people interested in my novel and wanting to be added either to the list for getting orders from the first run, or the list for signed copies (which I have to order, sign, and then sell to the people who want them.) I have tomorrow off... if the bookstore is open then, I might talk with the guy there about selling my book. I also will want to try the bookstore in Atlantic (via phone/email first). I want to sell to as many libraries as possible too. Should be easier to sell this book that Dad had selling his, as mine is fiction and fiction usually sells better than non-fiction. I'll also see what I can do for my Dad's book, too. :-)

Chaotic Blessings;