October 19th, 2004


Money coming

I got my check from Subway today, and cashed it. A meager $53.30 for all my trouble, and that was only including the $20.00 for returning my uniform. It came in two checks because of that. I'm over my anger with them, though. I ate lunch there, only partially because it gave me an excuse to talk to Karla (the assistant manager), who was at the cash register, and partly because I was hungry. Then when I sat down to eat, I discovered two full Sub Club cards in my wallet... I could've got my sub free with the purchase of a drink, but didn't because I hadn't known they were full! Damn. Well, I have it for next time.

The check from Michael Foods hadn't come in yet when I checked the mail, so I gave them a call. They still hadn't sent it out. The woman who answered said "We don't normally send checks in the mail." I was thinking to myself, ~You idiot. Do you really expect me to drive half an hour to 40 minutes out of my way to pick up a check if I don't have to? I TOLD you people to send it to me in the mail... you even ASKED!~ But I didn't say it. She asked me if I wanted it sent in the mail, so I said yes. She told me she'd send it out today. So I should be getting that in a day or so.

Chaotic Blessings;