October 1st, 2004



Subway called me this morning and I go in at 1:30 today to start filling out paperwork and stuff. I'll be working the late shift, and closing up at midnight. Perfect! Probably won't get to see much of my family, but it isn't morning shift! Of course, I'm going to insist on Samhain (Halloween) and Xmas off... Samhain being the only Wiccan holiday I celebrate. I won't call it Samhain, though, nor tell why I want it off. :-)

I was feeling special today because of that, so before I went to Wal-Mart to buy a pair of black pants for my new job, I went to a nice restaurant to eat breakfast... real eggs, not precooked. :-) I had a veggie omlette, hash browns, and two pancakes. The bill came to $7. I was feeling generous, so I left the waitress a $5 tip. :-D I still grin whenever I think of how great a day I must have given her. :-) Generousity IS its own reward.

I will tell more later.

Chaotic Blessings;