September 11th, 2004


Information packrat and other things

I had a dream last night starring Tara Lipinski, whom I am in love with. She was doing aerobic exercises with a bunch of other girls. I wanted to say hello to her, but I just walked right on by. No one noticed me, oddly enough. I probably could've pinched her butt if I'd wanted to without being noticed. But I didn't. It's not my style.

I dreamt about her once before, too. Years ago, I dreamt I was in this giant movie theatre and she was in the same theatre watching the same movie. I wanted to talk to her and couldn't get myself to move. Mom was talking with her, though, telling her how great a guy I am. At one point I saw her up close and wanted to talk with her, but again could not. Why can't one of my sex dreams be me with her? :-(

Recently I realized that I am an information packrat. I have been doing my annual clearing out of inbox messages lately, and I STILL have over 400 messages in my inbox. I don't know how many hundred I have in my sent folder.

I also am an info packrat where pictures and text are concerned. I download so many pictures and videos to my 250 meg ZIP disk I have to burn them to a CD at certain points so that I don't fill up the ZIP disk. I actually filled up the whole 250 megs once, with videos and images! LOL!

Tara and her lesbian friend "Siouxzee" (soo-zee) went out to go skating and dinner and Tara's going to sleep over. No, it's not a date. Though knowing Tara I wouldn't be surprised. (AH! *Runs away from Tara's wrath*) Anyway, Siouxzee is a blonde girl, rather pretty. And she's got good taste... she's really into Hilary Duff.

Enough for now.

Chaotic Blessings;