August 30th, 2004



My little sister has been making a lot of friends at school already, which is great. And she can express herself without being teased, too! YAY!

She has one friend who hugs her every time she sees her, to the tune of an enthuaiastic "Taaaarrrraaa!!!" Which is nice. :-) Then there's another friend who's lesbian and is into Hilary Duff. Then some boy keeps sitting by her. :-) There are others, but I can't recal them all just yet.

Got my stuff today! Lateraulus (sp?) by Tool, and The Illuminatus! Trilogy. Finally I can read this Discordian classic in as much time as I need. :-) I'm trying to read some other things now, but when I get that done or give up, I will go on to Illuminatus. :-) Then after that I have a book called "Dime Store Magic" to read. Then I have planned a book at the library called "Seduced By Moonlight."

I've been making a lot of new friends lately on the Net. I WANT A JOB!!! I want a job so I can get some face-to-face friends. I also want to go to one of the two night clubs in town, but can't afford to until I get a job.

Chaotic Blessings;